“Porc à la bordelaise & lentilles à la dijonnaise”

Today, 2 recipes in one. In my family, we usually make them for one dish. It’s an easy way to have a meat dish and a vegetable on together, cause those two really get along well.

First where do the titles come from? “Porc à la bordelaise”: it’s mainly because it’s a pork dish made with red wine and Bordeaux’ area is well-known for all its red wines. “Lentilles à la dijonnaise” it’s the same sort of stuff, it’s made with mustard and Dijon is really well-known for the mustard. Easy as that 🙂

It’s perhaps not the prettiest meal ever, but if you like red wine and mustard, it really tastes good.

For the porc recipe:

– 800g of pork meat
– 2 big shallots finely chopped.
– 10 small white onions
– 1 slice of smoked ham cut into fine pieces
– 1 full tablespoon of flour
– 1/2 l of red wine (preferably from Bordeaux’ area)
– 1 glass of beef stock
– salt, pepper
– oil to cook the meat
– 1 bay leaf

In a big pan, heat some oil and cook the pork meat then add the ham, the shallots and onions.
Cook until golden then add the flour and the red wine. Stir to make sure it’s nice and smooth.
Add bay leaf, pepper, a little bit of salt, put the lid on and let it cook for 1h15.

Really easy 🙂


For the lentils:

– 250g of green lentils
– 2 onions
– 100g of ham
– 1 bouquet garni
– 1 tablespoon of flour
– 1 tablespoon of Dijon’s mustard
– 1 bowl of the water the lentils cooked in
– 2 teaspoons of dried beef stock.
– parsley
– pepper

After sorting out the lentils to make sure there is no stone in there (it can happen and it’s not really nice to put your teeth on one…), wash them.
Put them in a pan and add water (add 5 times more water in terms of volume – 1 measure of lentils = 5 measures of water). Start cooking them and add 1 onions cut in halves, the bouquet garni and the dried beef stock. Cook for 25 minutes.
Cut the ham into small pieces and chop the other onion. In a pan, heat some oil and cook the ham along with the onion until golden. Add the flour and stir, then add the mustard. Drain the lentils and add them to the sauce and add parsley.


And there you have a whole meal done with true French flavours 🙂



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