New recipes to come this week

I have new recipes to post. I just don’t really have time right now.

They will all be posted this week hopefully. They will all be salty recipes.
2 are actually dishes that can make a meal while served together. The others are thing that you can make either as a meal but also as apetizers or mini sized to serve during cocktails and stuff like that.

Not to spoil the whole thing, here are a few ingredients that you would find in those recipes (all mixed, you don’t find everything in 1 recipe, it’s a mix of all, take that as a teaser :P). Could you guess what would be put together in the recipes?

Ingredients of the 4 recipes:
– fresh cheese
– beef
– red wine
– ham
– lentils
– chorizo
– carrots
– puff pastry
– mustard
– onions…

Hopefully I will be putting one up tomorrow 😉



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